LEAD3R Hosts Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Webinar

LEAD3R recently teamed up with Milestone Risk Management to present a webinar covering essential information regarding the new legislation (SB 553/California Labor Code Section 6401.9). The statute is aimed at addressing workplace violence in California and goes into effect on July 1, 2024.

The session was hosted by David Bumby, SVP, LEAD3R, and featured Katherine A. Hren, Partner with Ballard, Rosenberg, Golper & Savitt, LLP. Below are some highlights of their discussion:

The new workplace violence prevention law, SB 553/California Labor Code Section 6401.9 requires employers to develop comprehensive plans to prevent and address workplace violence. Enacted in 2023 and signed by the governor in October 2023, compliance is mandatory by July 1, 2024.


  • David Bumby: SVP at LEAD3R has over 15 years of experience in human capital management.
  • Katherine A. Hren: Attorney at Ballard Rosenberg Golper & Savitt, specializes in labor and employment law with 24 years of experience.

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Legislative Background:

SP 553 mandates most employers to create a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP). It expands on the existing Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) required for healthcare workers to include other industries. Exemptions include businesses with fewer than 10 employees and those not accessible to the public.

Components of SP 553:
  • Definition of Workplace Violence: Includes physical force or threats that cause injury, psychological trauma, or stress.
  • Incident Log: Employers must maintain a log of all incidents of workplace violence, even those that do not result in injury. Personal identifying information should be excluded but other details like the nature of the incident and the involved parties must be recorded.
Types of Workplace Violence:
  • Violence by individuals with no legitimate business at the site.
  • Violence by clients or customers.
  • Violence by current or former employees.
  • Violence by individuals connected to employees (e.g., domestic violence).
Implementation and Compliance:
  • Employers need to integrate the WVPP with their existing safety plans.
  • Incident logs must be kept for five years and be readily available for Cal OSHA inspections.
  • The plan and logs should be updated regularly and reviewed during periodic plan reviews.
  • Employees and their representatives must have access to the incident logs upon request within 15 days.
Guidance and Recommendations:
  • Employers should create a centralized binder for all documents related to workplace violence prevention for easy access during inspections.
  • The plan should be a “living document,” continuously reviewed and improved.
  • Employers should start compliance efforts immediately to meet the July 1 deadline and avoid penalties.


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The information provided during this webinar, including any documentation and resources shared, is for general informational purposes only. It should not be construed as legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel. You are encouraged to consult your own legal counsel for advice tailored to your specific circumstances and to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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