LEAD3R coaching supports leaders to thrive in their personal and professional lives. We do this because we believe that there is a deep connection between personal success, team performance, and business growth. 

Our experienced and certified coaches work closely with your leaders, and their teams, to nurture individual potential and performance as well as improve team performance, relationships, and culture – which your employees, investors, customers, and partners are sure to appreciate.

Our coaching offerings are provided below.

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching sessions are designed to provide 1-2-1 guidance and support to help unlock potential and reach objectives.  Whether the need is on-boarding support on joining a new team, personal development or career growth, our coaches are dedicated to empowering their clients on their respective professional journeys.

  • Benefits of Individual coaching:
    • Enhanced self-awareness and clarity around objectives and goals.
    • Co-created strategies for growth and success.
    • Access to a personal sounding board.
    • Accountability, motivation, and encouragement

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Team Coaching

Building a high-performing team requires shared leadership, the highest levels of collaboration, and excellent communication.  Our team development coaching focuses on improving systems and enhancing relationships to create a culture of trust, cooperation, accountability, and productivity. Our team coaching is enabled by technology, to enhance the human interaction.  

  • Benefits of team coaching:
    • Team growth
    • Improved team dynamics and alignment.
    • Better relationships, processes, and systems.
    • More effective problem-solving and decision-making
    • Strengthened individual leadership qualities.

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Group Coaching

A group beside a team can be a powerful accelerator of personal and collective growth. Our group coaching sessions provide a supportive and collaborative environment for individuals with shared goals.  Group coaching allows participants to learn from one another, gain diverse perspectives, and collectively work towards common objectives. 

  • Benefits of group coaching:
    • Diverse insights and collective wisdom.
    • Professional learning and development.
    • Peer support
    • Introduction to a professional community.
    • A cost-effective coaching option.

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