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Navigating the Future of Work – Some Takeaways from Transform 2024
Navigating the Future of Work – Some Takeaways from Transform 2024 The average person will spend around four decades working, with most (if not all) of those years as part of an employer-employee relationship. LEAD3R was formed around a passion for positively impacting this dynamic by focusing on an organization’s most precious commodity: human capital....
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Battling employee burnout with disconnect culture may not be the answer.
Battling Burnout with Disconnect Culture In an era where connectivity knows no bounds, the lines between work and personal life have become increasingly blurred. The prevalence of connecting chat apps to our personal phones and committing to remote work arrangements has made it all too easy for employers to reach their employees at any time. ...
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learn how to build success in the startup environment
Architecting Startup Success: Insights from LEAD3R’s “Clean Up Your Startup” Webinar Startups, with their dynamic environments and rapid growth trajectories, face unique challenges. The odds of success are stacked against them, making it crucial for startups to adopt effective strategies to mitigate risks. LEAD3R recently assembled a panel of experts for the webinar, “Clean Up...
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